Tips to Enhance the Lifespan of Your Fishing Gear

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For those who love fishing, the value of their fishing gear is endless. Naturally, all of us wish to maximize the health and life of our gear and enjoy using it for a long time. Investing time and effort in maintaining and cleaning your gear can help achieve this. Let’s review some of the ways in which you can go about the maintenance of your fishing gear.

Cleanliness is Key

It goes without saying that keeping your gear clean is the first step to good maintenance. After a long day at the sea, your gear needs a respite from all the salt water. Keeping a stock of fresh or mineral water on your boat is advisable. You can use it to clean your equipment immediately. You can also keep oil or soap and use it with a toothbrush for a better, more precise cleaning. Try to give special attention to parts like the jigs, hooks, and lures.

Cleaning your gear may backfire if you don’t dry it afterward. It may sound obvious but is still worth mentioning that leaving your equipment wet can lead to rusting and other damage. To avoid this, just use a simple cloth or paper towel to gently wipe off the water from your gear.

Regular Inspections are Important

It is easy to get caught up in the initial thrill or the eventual tiredness of a fishing trip and forget about the well-being of your fishing gear, but it is not ideal. You should briefly inspect your gear at regular intervals to avoid making a repair or replacement in the long run. Especially, parts of your fishing gear, like the tackle, that undergo constant exposure to damage can deteriorate faster because of the extreme toll. Checking and maintaining it well will help you minimize depreciation much as possible.

Similarly, take lure veering, for example. If you see your veering bent to one side, it is best to fix it. You can use pliers to reshape them by yourself or get them done by a professional at your nearest local bait shop or tackle store. You can also get a professional to inspect and repair the rest of your fishing gear, as required.

Oil Your Gear Regularly

Another thing to remember is to lubricate your equipment regularly. A little oiling will add that extra smoothness to the drag of your reel and make your fishing experience more enjoyable. One thing to keep in mind here is to use a scented oil as the smell of some oils may repel the fish and hamper your outing.

Don’t Forget the Rods

The central part of your fishing gear, the rods are a must-mention. Considering that rods are rather fragile, it is necessary to treat them with extra care and mindfulness. Naturally, you should clean, dry, and maintain your rod like other parts of your fishing gear. One thing to pay extra attention to is how you store it. Since it is a relatively frail part, it is best to have a special place for your rod that protects it from unnecessary danger. You can invest in a rod holder if you wish to store your rod vertically, or you can just lay it down gently on the floor. Both these storage methods will help avoid bending or breakage.

Even when you are using it for fishing, it is important to be mindful of avoiding any strong hits. It is easy to let yourself go a bit when you are having fun while fishing but remember that you need the gear for the next trip too. Be especially gentle with the rod. Also, once you are done, clean the rod gently and wax its joints to enjoy the same smooth experience the next time you are at the sea.

Know How to Store Your Fishing Gear

Another worthy mention we must make before wrapping up our list is the importance of proper storage. Gear maintenance is not limited to simply cleaning and repairing our gear. Where you store it is also an essential factor that contributes to its overall health, especially if your fishing gear spends most of its time in storage. Ideally, you should store your gear in a dry and warm area where it can stay safe from humidity which may cause rusting. Also, it is best to put it in a place where the temperature stays consistent throughout the year and doesn’t undergo frequent or massive fluctuations.

Buy Fly Fishing Gear Online

If you are on the lookout for top-quality fishing gear, you can easily buy some affordable fly fishing gear online. Just look up the sites and select the one with the best deal. Use our simple tips to preserve your new fishing gear year after year. Happy Fishing!

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