How To Get The Best Flight Deals During The Holiday Season

Traveling is one of the most exciting parts of going on a vacation. At least, it is for those who aren’t paying for the flight tickets. For seasoned travelers, it’s no secret that you can get cheaper domestic flight deals when traveling off-season. But what if you are an indecisive vacation planner on a tight budget who decided to venture out at the last moment? Good news: you can get cheap flights too. Although most of the options below require planning before leaving for holidays, it’s worth investing some time in these if you frequently book flight tickets at the last minute.

  • Redeem your reward points: If you’re a frequent credit card user, you must have accumulated some reward points on your card. These reward points can be used to get discounted or free flight tickets. Although certain airlines might not accept reward points, you should check if your chosen airline can let you book cheap flights if you have enough reward points.
  • Connect with a travel agent: Travel agencies are businesses that can help you to plan you a perfect vacation. Some of them have partnerships with airlines and have the ability to offer international air ticket booking at a discounted rate. In return, the airline offers some commission to the travel agent or agency. When booking flights during the holiday season for everybody, travel agents may be the only people who can get a flight ticket without being heavy on your pockets.
  • Buy during a sale: Sometimes, airlines host a sale during the off-season or during the holiday season to attract more customers. During the sale, they offer discounts on air tickets. Take advantage of this opportunity if it comes to you. A quick search or a visit to an airline’s website can save you a lot of money. Just watch out for such deals and grab the opportunity to book airline tickets online.
  • Compare with different airlines: A suitable flight booking app or website can help you tremendously with this job. Just use the feature of comparing airfares, and the cheapest airline ticket will be in front of you. Flight booking online is the easiest thing you’ll have to do after you’ve found the deal that best suits you. You can also opt for email notifications so that you don’t miss out on any opportunity when getting flight tickets at a reduced price.
  • Choose an alternative destination: No, we’re not saying you compromise with your chosen travel destination. Just change the final destination of your flight to a place closer to your vacation site. For example, if you wanted to go to the Maldives from Singapore, instead of taking a direct flight, you could take a flight from Singapore to India and then from India to the Maldives. Ensure that you’re checking the net difference between the cost of direct flights and indirect flights. You should only go forward with this route if you’re getting a cheaper deal.

The key to finding the best flight deals during the holiday season is to start your search early, be flexible with your travel dates, and compare prices from multiple airlines and airports. Additionally, consider alternate airports, use a travel agent, sign up for email alerts, book during a sale, use rewards points, and check for additional discounts that you may qualify for. Following these tips will increase your chances of finding a great deal on holiday flights.

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