Street Food Delights That You Must Try in Srinagar

Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, is loved not just for its mesmerising landscapes but the delicious food as well. The influence of Arabs and Mughals can be seen in the Kashmiri cuisine which is known for its rich and diverse flavours. When you are in the beautiful valley, make sure to savour some of the popular foods from the Kashmiri cuisine and you are sure to have a memorable gastronomic experience. While the signature dishes like rogan josh, goshtaba, aab gosht and yakhni lamb curry are definitely a must try, the street food here is equally appetising and something you should not miss on your trip to Kashmir. Here we have listed down the famous foods in Srinagar that are worth trying when exploring the valley:

  • Nadir Monje: This is one of the most loved items of the delightful street food in the valley. Nadir means ‘lotus stem’ and this dish is prepared using lotus stems that are first boiled and then deep fried. Pieces of lotus stems are dipped in a batter of rice flour and besan mixture and deep fried which gives a crispy texture to the dish. It is best served with walnut chutney and tastes absolutely yum. Have these appetising hot fritters while exploring the streets of the valley and it will leave you craving for more.
  • Halwa Paratha: Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, this delicious sweet delicacy is definitely a must try. The halwa is prepared using sooji and parathas are made from wheat flour. The best thing about this dish is its mild sweetness which makes it popular among all foodies. The parathas are as big as 3 feet in diameter, the biggest that you would have ever eaten. This tasty delight is served hot and savouring it in the winter days would just be the best way to feast your taste buds and get the much needed warmth on chilly days.
  • Masaale Tchot: This appetising street food is unique in its own way. It is prepared using flatbread called lavasa which is stuffed with a mixture of peas and spicy radish chutney. You can call this tasty dish a Kashmiri version of the very famous tacos or wraps that are popular worldwide. The spicy stuffing tastes absolutely yum and when served hot with raita, this dish is surely a delight for the taste buds. Do relish this lip smacking street food which is not just delicious but fulfilling too. It is the best food to satisfy your hunger as you explore the beautiful valley.
  • Seekh Tujj: If you are a non-vegetarian, you are sure to love this dish. Tujj refers to minced beef or mutton. This tasty delicacy is prepared by cooking minced beef over skewers and is served with a variety of lip smacking chutneys. One can also have it with lavasa- the traditional Kashmiri bread. The minced meat is marinated with spices and then left for some time so that the meat can soak in the flavours of the fresh spices. Winters is the best time to savour this hot and tasty barbeque dish.

Kashmir is a heaven for all food lovers. So when you are in the beautiful valley next, don’t forget to satiate your taste buds with these delicious street food delights. To make your stay in the valley all the more memorable, it is best that you book your stay at one of the top hotels in Srinagar. The excellent hospitality and luxury ambience at the hotels will make your vacation a one to remember. Plan your trip soon!

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