The Best Idaho Ski Resorts

Idaho is fast emerging as THE destination for winter activities like skiing and snowboarding. If you’ve been looking for a sign to let your inner outdoor sports enthusiast run wild on the powdery white slopes, this is your sign! Here we are with a quick guide to the top 4 Idaho ski resorts.

Top 4 Skiing Resorts In Idaho

  1. Brundage Mountain Resort (McCall)

Located in the resort town of Valley County, the Brundage Mountain Resort can well be your winter paradise! Its strategic position helps it “catch” all snow storms that blow from north to south, and the region receives an average of 26 feet of light and fluffy snow almost every year.

The best part is that despite housing more than 50 trails, it still has a significant portion of “untouched” terrain. So, if you like traveling (read skiing or snowboarding) on roads not taken (yet), Brundage resort is the place for you.

We should also mention that the resort, albeit not a destination resort, has become quite popular as one of the top spots for tree and CAT skiing. Moreover, its lift-serviced backcountry bowls cover a total area of about 420 acres, so rest assured there’s plenty to explore.

There are 6 lifts here, with one of them being a high-speed quad and the rest of them being a combination of beginner conveys and old-school triples.

The vertical drop from the mountain is just a little less than 2,000 feet. But feel free to sign up for CAT skiing sessions if you want some more adrenaline rush while accessing about 18,000 acres of snow land.

  1. Bogus Basin (Boise)

Don’t let the name deter you- Bogus Basin should be on your list of must-visit places for several reasons.

For the unversed, it’s the largest ski resort in the southern part of the state and the biggest among all non-destination ski resorts in Idaho. However, these jewels on Bogus Basin’s crown won’t take a toll on your pocket, as it’s a non-profit organization. So, everything the resort earns is invested in its operation, especially to keep the lift ticket prices low.

Skiers love this place due to its easy accessibility from the capital city Boise (all you need is a 40-minute drive), as they don’t have to spend hours commuting to and fro. And the skiing hill has more than 90 named runs, which gives you adequate terrain (2,600 acres, to be precise) to put your skiing skills to use.

It receives an average snowfall of 27 feet every season, and the vertical drop here is nearly 1,800 feet. While the front area of the hill is considered more suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers, the pros would feel tempted to try the skewed tracks at the back.

As for the lift service, there are as many as 11 lifts with four high-speed quad-detachable chairs and a total uphill capacity of 10,000 people.

If you haven’t experienced the feeling of skiing for long hours, even after the sunset, then the night skiing sessions here are worth trying. You can cover 175 acres of white land under the twinkling stars for an experience of a lifetime.

Apart from that, Bogus Basin facilitates other winter activities like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. You can even hop on a self-operated roller coaster!

  1. Silver Mountain Resort (Kellogg)

Fancy an intimate winter vacation with friends and family away from the hustle-bustle of the city without compromising on skiing adventures? Then Silver Mountain Resort can come to your rescue.

It’s among the smallest yet coziest skiing resorts in the state, located in the distant north of the Idaho panhandle. But it has something that even some of the biggest resorts miss out on- a gondola, your only means of transport to the top of the mountain.

Once on the high, there will be half-a-dozen lifts at your disposal, along with a 2,200 feet vertical drop. Furthermore, the average snowfall hovers close to the 28-foot mark. So, whether you’re an expert or a beginner, we bet the conditions won’t disappoint you.

Interestingly, the total number of runs at this place is spread across two mountains- Wadner Peak and Kellogg Peak. The resort houses a couple of terrain parks as well as a third snow tubing park.

Lastly, people staying at the Silver Mountain lodging are awarded the bonus of exclusive access to a water park.

  1. Sun Valley Resort (Sun Valley)

Sun Valley is undoubtedly the most popular skiing and snowboarding resort in the state, thanks to its rich history. If you didn’t know this already, the Sun Valley Resort is home to the first chairlift, and the region itself is the origin of commercial Heli skiing in the US.

Coming back to the resort, it provides unhindered access to two mountain peaks suitable for different levels of expertise. While beginner skiers prefer the Dollar mountain, Bald Mountain satiates the demands of advanced skiers with its extensive glades and steep chutes.

The average yearly snowfall is about 18 feet, which combines with a staggering 3,400 vertical drop to get your heart soaring. Apart from that, there are 13 terrain parks, 18 lifts, and a gondola service for seamless transportation up the slope.

Sun Valley has recently acquired an expansion of close to 400 acres that features a mix of steep chutes, glades, and open bowls. So, how about being among the first ones to contribute to the moguls down the slopes?

Final Words

Now that it’s time for you to choose, here are a few pro tips: do your research well in advance to ensure that the conditions suit your expertise level. And carry high-quality gear. Trust us- there’s nothing worse than broken skis and gear in the middle of the trip.

Until next time!


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