5 Reasons Why Indians Are Choosing Air Travel over Trains

Traditionally many people preferred travelling by train because of the extensive connectivity, and the tickets were affordable. However, the trend has changed considerably, and now many people like travelling by air. Read on to know why?

India has one of the largest rail networks in the world. For a long time, it has been the most preferred mode of transport for the Indian population. However, over the past few years, the preference has changed as more and more people are travelling by air. One of the primary reasons for this massive shift is that when the overall travel traffic is booming beyond expectation, the railways is still grappling with fundamental issues like hygiene and running on schedule.

Let us look at the reasons why people are choosing air travel over trains. 

Convenience of travel

Air travel is undoubtedly the means of transport; traveling by air takes significantly less time than traveling the same distance by train. Today, many people prefer taking flights rather than travelling by train, even for short distances. Government statistics suggest that nearly 25% of the domestic air travel happens within 500 km, previously dominated by the railways.

With the growing infrastructure, even smaller towns and cities are being connected by flight services, which can be availed at an affordable rate. Then it is no surprise that people chose airways over railways. The next time you want to travel, book air tickets and reach your destination faster without being locked-up in a giant moving box for several hours. 


This is one of the most significant factors contributing to the growing popularity of air travel. There is no doubt that the passengers enjoy a far more clean and hygienic travel condition in flights, in terms of food, and restrooms. The CAG report has backed this fact. With the convenience of faster travelling and cleaner travel conditions, why would anyone want to travel in trains? 

Ease of carrying luggage and safety

If you have travelled by train, you may have spent time talking to the fellow passenger for that one extra inch of space to fit your luggage. And, also, there is always a constant fear of theft and losing your luggage, especially at night when the thieves are active the most. By taking a flight, you can easily save yourself from all this tension and hassles. You can check-in your luggage and stay relaxed throughout the journey, knowing that you will get your bags back when you land. 

Erratic schedule/delays in arrival and departure

Almost every train traveller has been a victim of erratic trains schedules, which not only causes immense inconvenience but can also throw off your holiday planning. As per the CAG report, nearly 90% of the so-called express trains are usually delayed. Not to say there are no delays and glitches in air travel, but you have at least the airport lounge where you can while away your time. Even if there is a slight delay in the flight schedule, you can still reach your destination faster than the train.

Optimisation of time and money

Today, for the passengers’ benefit and convenience, the government of India has introduced several initiatives like UDAAN that facilitates travel Rs. 2500 per hour with the promise of comfort and lesser time. With so many facilities and low-cost travel, it is only natural for people to travel by flight.

Final Word 

Thus, with so many excellent benefits of air travel, many people prefer flights over the train. To get the best deal on your airfares, it is better to book your air tickets in advance. Do your research well on different travel portals, and you will find an affordable deal.

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