Whale tours, spend your day the right way.

Everyone loves whales, huge majestic creatures that have an awe-inspiring presence about them but have you actually seen one in real life?

With one of the Sydney tours ferry companies and a little help from one of their land-based spotters, you should be able to get close to the whales in no time. The bulk of the whales passing by are Humpbacks, but you may also see other whales such as Southern Rights, Minkes, Bryde’s Blue, and Orcas, as well as marine life such as dolphins, sea turtles, Australian Fur Seals, a plethora of sea birds, and more from the boat.

The experience is that of a lifetime however, we do urge you to make sure you do a bit of research and choose the trip that is best for you. There are many companies and packages to choose from and even a quick Internet search may become a little daunting.

Each company will offer slightly different packages we have put together some general information and ideas.

If you are looking into whale watching in Sydney, we have made your lives a little easier, here are some of our findings based on our research.


It is important to find out which destinations the operator stops at or goes to as you may wish to get on the ferry at a particular point or get off somewhere different depending on where you are staying or where you wish to visit.

Special events

Each company has excursions and special event trips so have a look, you may wish to make it a real time to remember and arrange a trip for say, Boxing day, the vivid light tour, New Year’s Day, Australia day or even Sydney cruises day. Hopefully the operator is prepped to ask you when you call. As always, we found some companies to be more thorough than others hence knowing some questions and shopping around is crucial. Get in touch with one of the specialist teams to find out a bit more.


We found the most common attraction destination to be the Taronga Zoo. When looking at the different operators we found some only offer a direct journey whereas others offer 1 or even 2 day passes which include things like the entry to the zoo, Sydney Harbour, Manly fast ferries access and Manly, Watsons Bay ferry access. When we looked at Sydney Harbour, we found different packages so worth asking for all the options when you call.

Make your trip one to remember, do a little planning first to be prepared. Have a wonderful time and as always, best of luck.

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