4 Best Cafes In Delhi for Working Professionals

The pandemic and ‘working from home’ has changed the work lifestyle significantly. Today, workplaces have evolved to become more employee-friendly and flexible, focussing more on productivity more than anything else. Employees are given a chance to choose their work space rather than working from the conventional office cubicles. If they are working from home, they can choose where they wish to work from. If you are a working professional in Delhi, you’ll find many creative and unconventional workspaces that will give you a perfect break from monotonous WFH routine. So whenever you are bored of working from home or the same old office cubicles, heading to a nearby cafe can be a good idea. Yes, you heard it right. The cosy ambience, comfortable seating, good wifi connectivity and flavoursome snacks on the menu, makes cafés a preferred choice for new age workers these days.

Read on to know the best cafes in Delhi that are perfect to work in Delhi:

1-Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters: This is one of the best cafes to choose for working and meeting your work deadlines. The refreshing ambience, comfortable chairs and desks and a variety of unique coffee blends on the menu makes this cafe a popular choice among freelancers and consultants these days. You can choose from their stellar range of coffee blends which are prepared using freshly roasted coffee beans. Their hot chocolate, veggie wrap, almond croissant and vegan waffle are a must try when working from here. The café is also a good networking spot where you can meet like-minded people.

2-Fab café: This is another cafe which is quite a hit among youngsters. Be it the food, service or ambience, everything here is just ‘fab’, living up to their name. The chis décor and warm ambience makes it the perfect spot to bring out your creative ideas. There are indoor plants and enough natural lights which adds to the ambience of this café. Moreover, they have a range of innovative and healthy dishes on their menu which has made it very popular among health conscious people.  Come here and try the customised Indian food and you’ll keep coming back to this café again and again.

3- Le Petit Café: If luxury ambience is what you are looking for to complete all your work assignments, this café is the place for you. Located at The LaLiT New Delhi, this café is known for its elegant décor, warm ambience and excellent hospitality. Counted among the top luxury restaurants in Delhi, this café has the best selection of pastries, macaroons, croissants and delicious desserts on its menu. Complimentary wi-fi is provided to all the guests. So just come here, plug in your laptop and work seamlessly while enjoying a refreshing cup of coffee/ tea and your favourite snacks.

4- Café Dori: You’ll fall in love with the café the moment you enter this place. The stunningly beautiful café has an old world charm and a soothing ambience, making it a perfect place to work. It is launched by the very famous leather brand Nappa Dori and serves a range of delicious dishes from Pan European cuisines that will leave your taste buds asking for more. You can bring along your pet also as the place is pet friendly and has special meals for pets as well. Here you’ll also find a library where you can spend hours reading your favourite book and sipping tasty coffee.

Now that you know about the amazing cafes in the city that are ideal for work, check them out and you will definitely become a regular visitor.

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