Why Every Travel Author Will need a Travel Niche

I am frequently requested by travel authors to check out the website making suggestions. Due to this I have discovered lots of excellent travel blogs. I usually offer constructive feedback, however, many of them create a common mistake that keeps them from getting any tremendous amount of traffic, and couple of, or no, comments.

What’s this grave mistake that stops them from becoming authority sites? As great because they are, too written his or her content frequently is, they lack specialization, or even more simply, a travel niche. Other product niche that will set them aside from almost every other travel blog available.

There are several travel authors that do an extremely good job using their travel blogs – they travel frequently and frequently add fresh travel happy to their blog. Their sites are very well organized and simple to navigate, and that i enjoy studying their top travel articles. But let us be truthful here – there are millions of travel authors available, a lot of whom will also be doing every bit as good employment.

How do we stick out in the crowd? The answer is easy – select a travel niche. Look for a specific subject that you’re enthusiastic about (with no, “travel” isn’t specific enough), and concentrate on covering that subject.

An ideal travel niche for you ought to be:

Something love, and

Something know a great deal about, and

Something have firsthand knowledge about

Your travel niche could be a specific place or perhaps a specific type or approach to travel. Types of some travel niches that I have seen websites that are very done include:

Place – bloggers who talk about what’s happening within their hometown, expats who live abroad and talk about their adopted home because they explore it, and travel authors who concentrate on writing no more than the Spas around the globe

Type – bloggers who talk about solo travel, going with small kids or pets, women getaways, eco-tourism, voluntourism, adventure travel, and spiritual pilgrimages

Method – bloggers who talk about backpacking journeys, cycling or walking tours, river cruises, as well as a few of the worlds best train journeys.

The main reason these web sites prosper is they remain centered on a little travel niche that they’ll dominate by regularly adding new, interesting, valuable, and focused content about this niche. By doing that, it is much more likely that those who are trying to find info on that subject will discover them.

Additionally to attracting more website visitors, whenever you write on the specialized travel niche subject, you will find the chance to become regarded as a specialist inside your travel niche. And becoming an Expert is a great factor. Everyone loves to quote experts, particularly in print. Everyone loves to inquire about experts for information. Experts get offered possibilities – frequently having to pay possibilities – that others do not get.

When Publishers want content on the specific locale, they appear first for authors who know that specific destination well. When an Editor or Journalist requires a quote on the specific subject, they appear to have an expert with that subject. Experts get requested to sit down on Panel and Advisory Boards, judge competitions, give speeches or lectures, lead to new projects, plus much more. The quickest method to become a specialist would be to choose a niche you know perfectly and talk about it. Educate others. Share your understanding.

The end result is that if you opt to talk about everything travel and all sorts of destinations, you could possibly succeed making a living from this, but it’ll easily be challenging as you have lots of competition for the reason that market — some great competition, too. However if you simply choose a niche, and try to end up being the go-to part of that niche, success is going to be simpler and possibilities can come sooner.

About Trisha Miller

Trisha Miller may be the Founder and Editor of Travel Authors Exchange. She is part of The Worldwide Food Wine and Travel Authors Association and TravelWriters.com, and concentrates on teaching travel authors and bloggers how you can stand out in online media markets. In her own free time Trisha covers travel and technology.

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