A Rainy Day Plan For Your Phuket Holiday

You’ve brought your family to Phuket, Thailand for a wonderful holiday frolicking on the tropical beaches, but there’s just one rub- it’s raining. And it’s not just a sprinkle, this is the kind of shirt-soaking torrential downpour that only the tropics can deliver, and it shows no signs of stopping! I know, it’s supposed to be the dry season, but rain can happen all year long, especially along the coast. So, what to do? Staying cooped up in the hotel room all day is guaranteed to make everyone kooky, no, you have got to get out, but go where? Fortunately, Phuket is built for fun times, so there are plenty of options available!

Aquaparks – I know it sounds a bit odd suggesting you go to an aquapark on a rainy day, but you’re going to get wet anyway, so why not have fun doing it? The beach isn’t always safe during inclement weather, but Phuket aquaparks are designed to handle anything short of a hurricane. You and your family can slip and slide and have a blast in your bathing suits and not even notice the rain! There are many to choose from, and if it rains all week you might end up giving them all a try, but our personal favourite is Andamanda Phuket- its unique architecture makes you feel like you’ve walked into the magical world of Thai mythology, it’s rides and slides are among the most fun and thrilling, and the food is great, too!

Museums – Phuket offers a variety of interesting and educational museums that are sure to fascinate, providing another great way to spend that rainy day! One of our favourites is the Phuket Sea Shell Museum. If you love seashells, this is the place for you!  Regarded as one of the best private natural science museums in Thailand, it features seashells from Thailand’s various coasts, as well as shells from all around the world. Many of the seashells exhibited are from the species most sought after by serious collectors. The museum also boasts the world’s largest golden 140-karat pearl, sections of sedimentary rock containing shell fossils, and a huge 250-kilogram shell, among the world’s largest. You may not be able to enjoy the beach on a rainy day, but you can at least see the seashells!

There’s plenty to do in Phuket, even in the rain!

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