4 Great Northern Territory Destinations to Visit in Your Camper Trailer

Looking for somewhere to go in the Northern Territory that’s accessible by camper trailers? There really are so many options when you’re touring the Northern Territory in a camper trailer. This article can’t fit them all in, but it will take a look at some of the top destinations so you can start your research. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time at each destination, as there’s plenty to see all round. Read on to get inspired!

 Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park has an international reputation and high popularity with tourists. The park has been placed on the UNESCO Word Heritage List, which should give you an idea of its cultural and biological significance. There are many kinds of wildlife here, including crocodiles, so set aside at least a week to experience this region properly. Amazing wetlands and one-of-a-kind Aboriginal art sites also await you, while the Escarpment offers stunning scenery. Make sure you check out Jim Jim Falls and the Twin Falls. There are many designated camping spots in this area that are suitable for camper trailers, including Jabiru, Cooinda and South Alligator, all close to the main attractions in Kakadu National Park.


A large town situated between Darwin and Alice Springs, Katherine is a good stop for people with camper trailers to take a moment to rest. Katherine leads you to Nitmiluk National Park, boasting Katherine Gorge, decorated by rock paintings of historical significance. The Gorge is a popular spot when you’re travelling in a camper trailer, and it’s well known for its swimming holes, tracks for hiking and scenic waterfalls. Choose to canoe around the Gorge without the threat of crocodiles, while taking in beautiful views. The area also provides swimming, picnic tables and BBQ options at the Katherine Hot Springs. A novel sight is the Springvale Homestead, dating back to 1879, making it the oldest homestead in the Northern Territory. It’s open to tourists to have a look around and appreciate its history.

West MacDonnell Ranges

Taking camper trailers west bound from Alice Springs will take you to the West MacDonnell Ranges. There’s an abundance of things to see and do here, so make sure you allocate plenty of time. You can see the three highest peaks in the Northern Territory – Mount Zeil, Mount Liebig and Mount Sonder. Created from many types of rock, these peaks are known especially for their red quartzite peaks and gorges. Valleys in this area contain fossils from a long gone inland sea that once covered the centre of Australia. Highlights to visit when touring the region in a camper trailerinclude the Desert Wildlife Park, Simpsons Gap and Standley Chasm.

Finke Gorge National Park

While you’re touring around with camper trailers south of the West MacDonnell Ranges, don’t forget to check out Finke Gorge National Park, one of the oldest waterways in the world, with claims it dates back to 350 million years. Make sure you also check out Palm Valley – the prime star of the show there is the Central Australian Cabbage Palm. Around 3,000 of these plants live in this area, some of which are hundreds of years old. They create a beautiful green contrast to the rocks and gorges. Another potential highlight is the Amphitheatre, formed with odd rock shapes that artists love to paint.

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