3 Ways To Take Paddleboarding To The Next Level

Amid the growing popularity of paddleboarding, the watersport has branched off into a number of different avenues, being adapted to meet there differing interests of different groups. Some, for example, will take to the water atop their paddleboard for the purpose of relaxation, wanting to soak up the sunshine while being gently rocked by the water. Others, however, will be more inclined to push themselves and their board further and faster, wanting to capture the adrenaline of the water.

Thankfully, paddleboards are incredibly versatile and enthusiasts have already found ways to adapt designs and accessories to suit their needs on the water. To show you how, we’re sharing three ways in which paddleboards can be taken to the next level.


While the traditional design of a paddleboard is large and sturdy, there are options for smaller and more nimble designs. Such boards are ideal for manoeuvring smaller areas, riding larger waves, and reaching higher speeds, all of which makes them ideal for paddling and surfing.

Paddleboard surfing has a number of advantages over traditional surfing, primarily in its accessibility. With the support of a paddle, it is easier to navigate the water, catch waves, and maintain your balance when achieving higher speeds. This is a great way for those new to surfing to find their feet.

Boards used by SUP surfers are smaller in design and, for anyone wanting to really enjoy the activity, traditional paddleboard designs will soon feel limited as you go for a greater number of waves.


Not everyone wants to take to the water for a thrill. In fact, some SUP enthusiasts seek the opposite, taking their boards onto the water in the pursuit of serenity. Such groups are likely to support the activity of SUP yoga.

Taking the practice of yoga onto the water might seem somewhat surreal at first but the experience is entirely unique and can even enhance the wellness potential for individuals and groups. Paddleboards can safely be taken away from the land, such as along shores or lakes, to an isolated environment, one that is entirely peaceful. Then, with the sturdy balance of larger boards and with the gentle rock and wash of the water beneath, classes can practice their routine while being entirely immersed in the serenity of the water.


Those wanting to go further on their paddleboard, as well as those who might struggle to find their feet and balance on the water, can adopt a simple accessory to make their journey much easier: an SUP kayak seat.

Adding a basic seat to a paddleboard allows the board to be transformed into a kayak, with the same ability and comfort as a watercraft designed for comfort. Seats allow paddles to use a kayak paddle, enabling them to travel further and with greater ease and control on the water. There are a number of options for kayak seats to be added to a board, however, if you’re wanting to embark on longer journies, it might be worth considering a full conversion kit.

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